Business needs stability and a solid foundation. External factors are constantly shaking the system. Professionals are able to make it stable.
About Nexia Pacioli
Nexia Pacioli
Nexia Pacioli Consulting
25 years of practical experience in the audit and consulting services market
More than 500 customers from various sectors of the economy
Leading positions in the market: in the top 10 of the largest Russian audit and consulting groups, according to 2018 rating results.
Сorporate social responsibility - environmental policy, supporting social projects, charity and volunteering, scholarships for students.
Member of the self-regulating audit association «Sodruzhestvo», self-regulating interregional association of appraisers, a member of the Council for Valuation of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation; Russian LawyersAssociation.
Risk monitoring and quality control are performed by an independent business unit.
All servies are certified for compliance with the international standards.
International network of 250 companies in 115 countries.
Any business needs support. Therefore there are no small or big customers for us. There is only your potential, our many years of experience and our willingness to contribute to your ascent to the top.
Our services
Mandatory and special audit of financial statements according to International Standarts of Auditing. Review checkings and other related services.
Preparation of consolidated and individual financial statements according to International Financial Reporting Standarts or US GAAP.

Determining the market or other value of business, assets and liabilities, rights for various purposes.
Investment, strategic, financial, management, tax and IT consulting.
Non-financial reporting
Preparation of annual public reports; sustanable reports; audit of the public report; analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of social programs.
Legal servises
Structuring and maintenance of transactions (M&A), legal due diligence, legal support of activities, consulting, arbitration.
Intellectual property
Full range of services in the field of intellectual property.

Risks in business are inevitable like seaways. We don't try to exclude risks, we take them under control and force them to work for you. You'll achieve success quicker
if we keep the balance.
Our Team
More than 150 highly qualified specialists - auditors, appraisers, consultants and lawyers - will help you solve problems and save resources.

Modern business has the same rule as Lewis Carroll's Looking glass. You have to run as fast as you can to stay put. To move forward, you need to run twice as fast as possible. To avoid unnecessary movements and running in unknown direction,
you need professional consulting.
Our Mission

We help to solve challenges of business and society
with immense respect to partners and passion for our job.

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Phone: +7 (495) 640-64-52

Nexia Pacioli Group of companies encompasses Nexia Pacioli LLC, Nexia Pacioli Consulting LLC, Pacioli Land Law LLC, Nexia CIS LLC, providing a comprehensive portfolio of audit, consulting, tax and advisory services. References to Nexia Pacioli or Nexia Pacioli company, unless specified otherwise or as the context may dictate, refer to the Nexia Pacioli group of companies.

The companies of Nexia Paсioli Group are members of Nexia International – a leading worldwide network of independent accounting and consulting firms with more than 250 member firms in 115 countries. More information is available on the website at:

Nexia International does not deliver services in its own name or otherwise. The services are delivered by Nexia International member firms. Nexia International and its member firms are independent and separate legal entities, that do not form any partnership or other association, are not agency companies to each other, are not bound by obligations with each other and do not accept any responsibility for other Nexia International member firms` actions or omissions.

The use logo Nexia in the firm name of Nexia Pacioli Group of companies and the use name of the international network in any promotional and other materials does not lead to the formation of partnership between Nexia International network, Nexia International member firms and Nexia Pacioli Group of companies and does not lead to acceptance of responsibility for the actions or omissions of each other.

The scope of obligations and liability for delivery of the services to the customers is determined solely by applicable law and the terms of the contracts concluded between the customers and the relevant legal entities of Nexia Pacioli Group of companies.

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